Rouse Analytics’ Rental Metrics Benchmark Service provides rental companies with monthly comparisons of pricing and key performance metrics to local market industry benchmarks to facilitate better-informed decision making.

ARA Rental Market Metrics™ reporting on rental rates, physical utilization, dollar utilization, fleet age and revenue per day allows you to track all of the key metrics which affect the performance of your business.

Comparisons of your performance to national, regional, and local market benchmarks allow you to see how your rental rates and other key metrics stack up to those of competitors in your local market and across the country.

Cat-class level tracking for 1,400 types of equipment provide you with detailed benchmark reporting on the equipment you rent the most.

Rouse’s rental rate benchmarks are based on actual invoices and represent rates paid by customers in the market. This unbiased information facilitates fact-based, data-driven decision making on rental rate —the most important lever for improving performance.

By providing better visibility into market conditions and detailed information on rates, utilization, and fleet age, the Rental Metrics Benchmark Service enables you to make better fleet management choices. Purchasing and allocation decisions can be supported with facts and made with confidence.

Publicly available information on rental company performance is limited and inconsistent. The Rental Metrics Benchmark Service provides you with comparisons of your performance to industry benchmarks calculated according to ARA Rental Market Metrics™ standards that you can use to better communicate with lenders and investors.

    Rouse Analytics is fully integrated with the following software systems to allow direct transmission of data.

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