Rouse Appraisals is the only appraisal provider with the true capability to provide frequent, reliable appraisals of large-scale rental/dealer equipment fleets. Rouse’s blend of technology, know-how and experience eliminates the challenges posed by unreliable equipment lists, delayed sales data from a rapidly changing market, and geographically scattered and dynamic equipment fleets.

Our experience, knowledge, and database provide the fastest appraisal turnaround time in the industry. Know what your fleet is worth quicker than ever.

Rouse offers the most accurate and cost effective monthly, quarterly and semi-annual appraisals. Our database of over 13,000 unique equipment makes and models is updated every month with real time auction (FLV) and retail (FMV) values. Rouse is the only appraisal firm in the world with the access to, and the capability to, leverage billions of dollars of proprietary sales data provided by the largest equipment rental companies and dealers in the world.

List standardization is the cornerstone of the Rouse appraisal service. Only after subjecting an equipment list to this rigorous multi-step process will Rouse offer a thoroughly documented and reliable appraisal. In addition, the company whose equipment list has been standardized has a new tool for managing and monitoring its equipment inventory.

Rouse Appraisals’ ongoing inspections and monitoring allow appraisers to become intimately familiar with equipment and assign values with a high degree of confidence. Our valuation process leads to greater appraisal integrity allowing company management and its lenders to have more confidence in the appraisal results.

Rouse is the only appraisal company with a network devoted to the ongoing collection of current market data. Our knowledge of the market provides lenders and rental companies the highest levels of confidence in an appraisal from Rouse.

Rouse Appraisals provides the estimated gross amount expressed in terms of money that the equipment would typically realize at auction when the seller is compelled to sell as of a specific date within, a 60 to 90 day period. All equipment is to be sold piecemeal, “as is where is” with the purchaser being responsible for removal of the assets at purchaser’s own risk and expense.

Each month Rouse is provided with hundreds of millions of dollars of retail (i.e. direct to end-users) sales data, totaling over $2 billion annually from its rental company and equipment dealer clients. Rouse is the only appraisal firm that has access to this data and the ability to relate it to current equipment fleets in order to accurately determine Fair Market Value.

Most appraisal companies that appraise rental equipment or construction dealer fleets are forced to rely on the limited universe of auction sale data as a basis to estimate what the Orderly Liquidation Value of a unit would be. Rouse uses billions of dollars of proprietary retail (i.e. direct to end-users) sales data from its rental company and equipment dealer clients to determine an accurate OLV by analyzing the difference between actual FMV (retail) and FLV (auction) values.

Rouse provides a detailed analysis of the net liquidation scenario and relies upon a detailed review of 12 month operating results (EBITDA) for each rental location relative to the OLV of each location’s equipment. The report provides for an estimate of the gross recovery, net recovery and the costs associated with a liquidation of a major rental fleet. Typically, lenders require that an NLV analysis be prepared upon the initiation of an ABL facility for a major rental company and upon any material change in the company’s business environment or in the business itself (e.g. fleet size, locations, revenue, operating expenses, etc.).

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