Propriety processes and systems deliver high-accuracy data

Because we collect such a vast pool of data, Rouse is unmatched in the accuracy, reliability, and speed of reporting. From that data, our internal database includes key information on more than 90,000 makes and models, backed by in-depth verification procedures including:

  • Management team interviews
  • Asset register standardization
  • Asset register audits for accuracy and completeness
  • Analysis and assessment of depreciation policies and impact on borrowing base metrics
  • Physical inspections and maintenance history reviews
  • Fully-formed liquidation study
  • Evaluation of company-specific disposals in comparison to market benchmarks
  • Relevant, up-to-date Industry commentary

Our team of equipment appraisal professionals brings decades of hands-on valuation experience to your project.


    For decades, Rouse has had a single focus on the construction industry. We know construction equipment because it’s all we do.


    With our exclusive technology, only Rouse delivers point-to-point values based on the largest, most current repository of fleet and sales transaction data in the industry.


    Covering the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, we annually appraise more than $55 billion of equipment, track more than 90,000 unique makes and models, and analyze nearly $42 billion of retail, auction, and trade-in sales of used equipment annually.

Accurate Loan Underwriting

For asset-based lenders and other stakeholders considering financial transactions, Rouse delivers timely, reliable appraisal reports including:

  • Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV)
  • Forced Liquidation Value (FLV)
  • Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV)
  • Net Forced Liquidation Value (NFLV)
  • Residual Value guidance for lease finance programs
  • Fair Value Reporting in support of purchase price allocation accounting pursuant to FASB’s rule ASC 805

Through net liquidation studies, we outline the ideal path for asset-based lenders to recover their capital and include expected timelines and execution expenses. We test our appraised values against actual results monthly, ensuring a consistent track record for delivering accurate valuations.

For lenders in the early stages of loan consideration for their borrowers, Rouse provides indicative OLV and Net OLV guidance on a quick-turn basis.

If it has to do with machinery & equipment, Rouse appraises it.

  • General rental construction equipment
  • Heavy earth moving equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Cranes
  • Truck tractors and trailers
  • Specialty products (trench shoring, concrete forming, etc.)

The World's Most Comprehensive Data on Construction Equipment

  • $ 100


    in equipment fleet value tracked

  • $ 44


    in rental revenue tracked

  • $ 42


    in sales transaction data evaluated annually

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