Optimize your buying and selling with real market data

Rouse Equipment Insights delivers precise, machine-specific equipment values to help you buy, sell and plan. Our market-to-market approach is built on the industry’s largest database of real equipment sale transactions, giving you a reliable understanding of actual selling prices in today’s ever-changing used equipment market.


    Understand what your machine is really worth in the Retail, Wholesale and Auction markets.


    Tune values to specific characteristics of each machine. Assess how each machine’s meter, configuration and location affect its actual market value.


    Review recent comparable transactions from the Auction market, including machine details and transaction pricing.


    Understand how values are trending over time, and analyze forward value estimates to identify the right time to sell.

Price your used machines efficiently, accurately, and with confidence

Replace guesswork and gut feel with dynamic, market-based valuation and pricing from Rouse Equipment Insights. Our configurable pricing module gives fleet owners the tools and data they need to automatically find the sweet spot between current market conditions and your profitability targets.

Rouse Equipment Insights

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  • Automated Fleet Values

    Understand the true market value of each of machines and monitor values as they automatically adjust to the latest market conditions.

  • Values Lookup Tool

    Rely on the Rouse Equipment Insights Lookup to easily appraise assets in seconds, and offer the right price on every trade-in.

  • Mobile App

    Access Rouse Equipment Insights on the go using the Rouse Fleet Manager Mobile App, the industry’s leading mobile inventory management system.

  • Powerful Integration

    Advertise and sell your machines across a wide range of selling channels, all in a few simple clicks.

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